Revival in Exeter

Revival in Exeter – Let’s pray for a spiritual awakening across our city

Christians have been praying for Revival in Exeter for many years. Devon has such a rich spiritual heritage and Bridge Books is committed to praying for spiritual awakening in our community and nation. There have been many projects aimed at revival in Exeter and we were pleased to participate in one of them recently.

We recently supported CTN Southwest in their quest to bring revival in Exeter through a testimony newspaper entitled LifelInes Exeter. Initiated by the Crosslink Transformation Network (CTN), a local Christian business network, the newspaper was funded by individuals and businesses from across Exeter, in collaboration with Christians Together across Exeter and the Alive in the Spirit trust in Plymouth which has also circulated the newspaper there.

Some 47,000 copies were delivered by Royal Mail during June to households across the city. Each page was full of testimonies, articles and adverts to share the faith and work of Christians in this area. Bridge Books supported the project with an advert offering resources to those “Thinking about those big questions of Life…”

If you haven’t seen a copy of Lifelines Exeter here is the link to download a pdf. You can also get a copy when you next visit the shop. The newspaper was edited by seasoned journalist Chris Girdler from Cornerstone Vision in Plymouth and was full of articles aimed at fostering revival in Exeter across the various communities.

If you got a copy your neighbours also got a copy. Ask them If they have read it and did it raise any questions. And let’s all continue to pray for a ‘spiritual awakening’ across this city. Together we can see revival in Exeter as we continue to serve the city with a bold Christian witness and trust God to do the rest.

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