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Do you have Questions About God? Bridge Books has some helpful answers

We all have questions about God and that’s okay. God loves us an individuals, each with our own unique spiritual journey. At Bridge Bookshop we have a wide selection of useful resources, available online throughout the UK, that can provide guidance to all who are inquisitive about the Christian faith. Or those who have tough questions they feel God must answer, like “Why am I here?” or”Why did God allow that to happen?”

Questions about God answered

My wife, Mary and I and our team at Bridge Books are often asked questions about God from customers or visitors in the shop, so we try and stock as many resources as possible, especially for those who are struggling with a particular topic or know someone who needs help in that area.

First up, I highly recommend the What’s Your Question Series. These little booklets are ideal to help believers respond correctly to questions from friends or colleagues. They are also the perfect resource to pass on.

More tough questions

Secondly, we have a number of books related to specific issues people are concerned about. Often, visitors tell us they are praying for a friend, especially around mental health issues, and so we try and have the right resources on hand for each need. Some of our most helpful booklets include:

  • Help! Someone I love has depression
  • Angry at God – Bring Him your doubts and questions
  • What does the Bible really say about Self-Harm
  • What does the Bible really say about Eating Disorders

God is intimately concerned with all these things. Listening to the news I think, no wonder everybody’s depressed. We keep being told everything that is wrong in the world, however there is hope in Jesus, He is the way, the truth and the life. He is the one who can help us find the right path to freedom.

Yes there are many who struggle or know somebody that is. We like to remind people that whatever they are dealing with, it isn’t necessarily permanent, and, no matter how much they struggle, that doesn’t mean they are not a good Christian.

I have just mentioned a few of the many useful resources we have at Bridge Books, providing helpful answers to questions about God both in store and online at

For those who would like to know more about my personal journey please read No Way God, which shares some of the testimony of our family’s expedition to China.

Remember you can be a missionary wherever you are, you don’t necessarily have to go to another country. You can be a missionary at home simply by placing appropriate Christian resources into the hands of believers and unbelievers alike. Simply give them answers to their questions about God.

Gary Lee

About Gary Lee

Gary Lee is the owner of Bridge Bookshop Exeter, along with his wife Mary. Formerly a worker in China, he now serves the UK Christian community especially in Devon with Christian resources. Gary's heart is to provide material that can make a meaningful contribution into the lives of believers and non believers alike.

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