Pray for Christian Bookshops

Pray for Christian Bookshops and other life-giving ministries…

Many ministries are struggling in the current economic climate including Christian Bookshops. Believers can turn this around through their intercession and support.

Christian bookshops really need your prayers right now and we at Bridge Books are no different. We continue to hear of Christian bookshops closing around the country, and I’m sure you would not like to hear the same fate for Bridge Books.

Like all ministries it is a spiritual battle. We do continue to be encouraged by the sales and orders we are getting, and we have a few bookstalls booked for events. However, the number of sales over the last eight months is stubbornly down, and some large events have moved away from us geographically and need replacing.

We really would value your prayer, to add to our daily prayers, that more churches and individuals would support their local Christian bookshop, so we can continue to open the doors so that:

  • We can all be inspired by the Bible and other life-changing books, films and music so we grow in our faith.
  • Many more would realise the wonderful gifts, cards and other resources available for encouraging and giving to all those around them.
  • Those seeking would find a friendly face and helping hand towards just the right book/Bible for them.

Bridge Books is here to resource God’s church and to help connect people around us all to God. We’d love you to partner with us in praying, and please do pass on this much needed call to pray.

Talking about prayer

One of our biggest selling authors is Pete Greig who has written five best-selling books on prayer:

  • Red Moon Rising – Rediscover the power of prayer
  • God on Mute -Engaging the silence of unanswered prayer
  • Dirty Glory – Go where your best prayers take you
  • How to Pray – A simple guide for normal people (and his latest and one of our Take Note Offers this month):
  • How to hear God – A simple guide for normal people.

See all of these and many more on prayer on our website.

Every Continued Blessing to you,
Gary & Mary

PS. A quote from ‘How to hear God’ – “Practical and inviting. A reminder of the desire our Father has to be intimately active in our moment by moment interactions with Him and others.”

Also read – ‘No Way God’ – From 6 years in China to a Mission to Exeter – The story of Gary and Mary Lee of Bridge Bookshop


  1. I visited this wonderful shop last week & quite easily could have spent all day there! Such a diversity of books, Bibles, gifts & DVDs & a calm friendly atmosphere. I ordered online a few days ago & the service & delivery is excellant. Please visit & support this special Christian business.

    1. Thank you so much Debra for your support. Much appreciated. God bless you and all you do for His Kingdom.

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