Lifestyle of Prayer & Fasting

Do you want to grow a lifestyle of Prayer & Fasting?

A lifestyle of Prayer & Fasting is an integral practice in Christian faith. Prayer & Fasting are powerful tools for self-discipline, spiritual growth, and connection with God.

A lifestyle of Prayer & Fasting

Our team has reviewed three amazing books in order to help you to grow a lifestyle of Prayer & Fasting. Enjoy the reading…

🔹 Fasting: The Key to Releasing God’s Power in Your Life by Derek

Derek Prince’s book is an engaging exploration of the transformative practice of fasting. In this personal and warm handbook, Prince invites readers on a journey to rediscover the often-overlooked power of fasting for a more vibrant Christian life. With clarity and inspiration drawn from Matthew 6:17-18, he unveils the immeasurable rewards that come when fasting is approached with sincere motives and adherence to scriptural principles.

This book is more than just words on pages; it’s an invitation to a personal encounter with God. Prince’s passionate teaching style becomes a guide, encouraging readers to tap into the extraordinary potential of fasting. Embrace the challenge, discover focus and sincerity in prayer, and witness the transformative shifts that occur as you release God’s power through the practice of fasting. It’s not just about reading; it’s about experiencing a profound connection with the eternal through this transformative discipline.

🔹 Fasting for Breakthrough & Deliverance” by John Eckhardt

John Eckhardt’s “Fasting for Breakthrough & Deliverance” deeply explores the spiritual essence of Matthew 4:4, revealing that sustenance goes beyond bread to encompass every word from God. With 31 chapters, this guide is a strong companion for those immersed in fasting or preparing for the journey.

Eckhardt’s book goes beyond a mere companion during fasting; it delves into the reasons, experiences, and significance of fasting. A must-read for anyone seeking a thoughtful exploration of this spiritual discipline.

The work isn’t limited to fasting alone; it dynamically explores prayer against evil, presenting both challenge and empowerment by unveiling the hidden power within prayer and fasting.

Finally, impressive teachings make this book not just about fasting but also a deep dive into various subjects. The revelation that “a fasted lifestyle is a powerful lifestyle” and “fasting is a way to renew our covenant with God” resonates deeply. This book is a vital addition to apostolic resources, thanks to John Eckhardt’s exceptional guide on fasting and spiritual renewal.

Books on growing a lifestyle of Prayer & Fasting

🔹 Shaping History Through Prayer and Fasting by Derek Prince

Derek Prince’s “Shaping History Through Prayer and Fasting” addresses the relevance of prayer during uncertain times. Prince, a respected pastor and author, explores the impact of Christians’ prayers on the course of a nation’s history. Therefore, while acknowledging his deep biblical convictions, some sweeping statements, such as Christians having the authority to determine destinies, may raise questions. The book delves into the power of fasting and the delicate balance between God’s predetermined purposes and human free will. Prince’s insights, drawn from scripture and historical examples, prompt reflection on the influence of prayer on governments. Finally, despite occasional interpretive challenges, the book’s overarching message about the potent role of praying Christians in shaping a nation remains compelling and relevant.

I have just mentioned a few of the many useful resources we have at Bridge Books, providing help to grow a lifestyle of Pryer & Fasting.

Every Continued Blessing, Gary and Mary Lee.

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