Jeus in our schools

Jesus in our Schools

What can you do about it?

Why do we need Jesus in our schools? Most had never read the Bible nor knew about Jesus. Recently 10 of us were on the streets of Exeter. We all talked to a good number of teens and older people asking questions and sharing about God. It was both a time of deep sadness as many had little or no awareness of God’s intense desire for them to know him. And Joy, because those that listened, and there were a good number, now have seeds sown into their lives.

We shouldn’t be surprised about the lack of knowledge and concern for Jesus. The continual decline of Christian input at home and at school assists many of our young to feel they have no use for Christianity. 

However, all is not lost. God continues to open many doors for us at Bridge Books to place boxes of good Christian books into libraries, sharing the stories of the Bible and so pointing folk to the truths of God and bringing Jesus in our schools. Encouragingly, we are still finding godly teachers in schools who know the need and are responding with enthusiasm and thankfulness when offered a selection of new quality Christian books for their library.

The Library Fund

Since November, 30 schools around the West Country have received a Library Box and we really want to thank all who made this possible with financial donations. Recently we took a bookstall to a regional Headteachers’ Conference, told them about our Library Boxes and received 20 eager requests, plus 6 more since – all now waiting to have one of our boxes. Each box has around 30-40 books (value £250) to go into their school library.

At present we have £1000 towards the first four schools. Please will you pray with us for the remaining £5500 to come in soon for the schools still waiting, so that many more children, parents and teachers will get the opportunity to read and understand the great stories of the Bible and teachers will know that they are not alone in this spiritual struggle for this coming generation.

Will you also pray with us for all the books now out there in the 343 schools, hospitals, prisons, town libraries, Marine camps and libraries abroad. Pray that they will continue to be tools in the Lord’s hands to assure people He is real.

How can you help?

Donations can be made by bank transfer to ‘Bridge Books Library Fund’. 08-92-50. 68545510. Or by cheque to ‘Bridge Books Library Fund’ to 3 Okehampton Street, Exeter, EX4 1DW. Or donations can be given in at the shop, clearly marked ‘Library Fund’. You can even donate over the phone using your card – Tel. 01392 427171.

Thanking you in advance for your partnership and prayers.

PS. Let’s know if you know of any schools or other libraries that would like a box of Christian books. Perhaps your Church would like to sponsor putting a Library box into your local school, just give us a call.

Many thanks, Gary and Mary

For more Christian books, cards and gifts come to Bridge Books, 3 Okehampton Street, Exeter. EX4 2JJ. Or order from our website

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