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Introducing six Local Christian authors in Devon

Who would have thought Devon would have so many Christian writers, authors and readers – here is our selection of six Christian authors in Devon who have written books that are available in our store in Exeter. While some may focus on Devon to some extent and others focus further afield they all reside in the South West of England and it is our hope that we will be able to host inhouse book signings with these authors in future.

Of course there are many more than six Christian authors in Devon and we are aware of some very exciting new titles that are in the pipeline, so be sure to subscribe to our Best Christian reads newsletter for the latest updates!

Christian authors in Devon

1. David Pannell – Devon’s Spiritual Places

Devon’s Spiritual Places: The Search for God in an Ancient Landscape is a paperback coffee table book by Nick Pannell who lives in Paignton. Order your copy online and plug into Devon’s landscape and history from a spiritual perspective. “Its like one big spiritual battery charger, says Nick who is a local journalist.

2. Liz Grier – Beginning Unlimited

Introducing: one young mum, one vicar, two small boys and a call to pioneer a church for young people who don’t do church in Devon. Join Exeter based author, Liz Grier in discovering that with God there are no limits! Order your copy of Beginning Unlimited.

3. David Fulton – Time to Tell

A true account of survival against all odds after being held captive in a Gambia prison. Can be a hard story to read, but you will left with hope in a God who is there in very hard times. Written by Dave Fulton who lives in Exeter. Order your copy online.

4. Kerry Cole – Gotta Die To Live

Chris and Kerry Cole are well known throughout the UK for their pioneering role in Christian media. Based in Cornwall with offices in Plymouth, Chris and Kerry are the founders of Cross Rhythms and Cornerstone Vision. Their autobiography, written by Kerry, shares their extraordinary testimony of overcoming through surrender. Order your copy in store.

5. Peter and Jill de Feu – No Pit Too Deep

As featured in the Exeter Lifelines, No Pit Too Deep is a survival guide to marriage. Written by Peter and Jill de Feu who live in Torquay it shares this bold couple’s journey of hurt, forgiveness and reconciliation. Order your copy in store.

6. Al Gibson – Mother of Malawi

Exeter based Christian author, Al Gibson shares the extraordinary story of Annie Chikhwaza, founder of Kondanani Children’s Village who is an inspiration to all who have a heart for widows and orphans or burn with a passion for mission in Africa. Everything bad that could possibily happen to a woman has happened to Annie and yet she has boldly prevailed. By faith, she has turned a place of death and destruction into a place of life and hope, through the Kondanani orphanage and children’s hospital. Order your copy in store. Order your copy online.

If you are a local author, please let us know about your book. Christian self-publishing can be tough, Bridge Books can help! Click to read how we help self published authors gain more readers.

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