Gary’s choice of best Christian books, on sale now

Gary Lee of Bridge Books presents two of the best Christian books, the Exeter-based bookshop currently has on offer. These can be purchased in store or ordered online and delivered anywhere in the UK. The books usually sell for around £8.99 but Bridge Books has made them available for only £5.

Both titles support Gary and Mary Lee’s objective of providing life-changing Christian resources to the public that address the issues people are asking about faith. See: Do you have Questions About God? Bridge Books has some helpful answers.

“Mary and I and our team are often asked questions about God from visitors to the shop,” said Gary. “So we try and stock as many resources as possible especially for those who are struggle with a particular area of concern or know someone who needs help in a particular area.”

“Our customers have a huge heart to buy resources to give to others,” says Mary. “That is the reason we are here. Our heart is to help them find the right resource for a friend they are praying for, sound Biblical guidance for a loved one who is searching. Our team can help provide hope, comfort and encouragement. We can help you find the most suitable Bible translation or books offering wisdom and insight.” See: Take Note Offers – Mary’s selection of best Christian bestsellers, 2022

Two of the best Christian books

I’d Like You More if You Were More Like Me

John Ortberg is an American Christian leader, speaker and author of many books including ‘The Life You’ve Always Wanted’ and ‘If you want to walk on Water’. He also shares daily short teachings at, encouraging spiritual growth through daily conversations about Jesus.

In his book I’d Like You More if You Were More Like Me John helps people consider one of life’s most important questions, “How can I get closer to God and other people?”

“When people have deep connections, says John, “they win in life. When they don’t, they cannot win in life. This book will help you to overcome one of the biggest obstacles to making deep connections: the fact that we’re so different. Different from God and different from each other.”

Faith in the Fog

Jeff Lucas is a British Christian author, speaker, broadcaster now based in Colorado, USA. You can often hear him on Premier Christian Radio and UCB and he is an active contributor to Sorted Magazine. In Faith in the Fog, Jeff interweaves the story of his early years as a Christian addressing some important questions believers may be asking. For example:

  • How to keep on believing when you cannot see clearly;
  • Why some Christians still struggle with shame ?
  • The importance of comforting others without resorting to unhelpful clichés; and
  • Recognising that the Christian life may not always be an exciting adventure.

Click on the links to the book titles above to order online now!

Gary Lee

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Gary Lee is the owner of Bridge Bookshop Exeter, along with his wife Mary. Formerly a worker in China, he now serves the UK Christian community especially in Devon with Christian resources. Gary's heart is to provide material that can make a meaningful contribution into the lives of believers and non believers alike.

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