Easter in Exeter

Easter in Exeter – 4 great ways to share this significant holiday with those you love

Bridge Books, alongside the River Exe, aims to make Easter in Exeter special each year by providing a range of meaningful cards, eggs, books and gifts that share the joy of Easter with everyone.

Easter in Exeter is an exciting time, it’s spring and you will find trees in blossom everywhere you go. The sun is out after a long grey winter and there is hope for the new season ahead.  This reminds us of the power of resurrection which is what the holiday is all about.

At Bridge Books we love to celebrate the Easter story in four great ways.

  1. We have a wide range of beautiful Easter Cards with meaningful words;
  2. We sell the Real Easter Egg, which is made from Fair Trade chocolate and contains a simple message about the importance of Easter today.
  3. We have a selection of books helping readers in their search for meaning in life, especially focused around the Easter story.
  4. We have a variety of gifts that are perfect for your Christian family and friends or anyone who is seeking new meaning in life.

Happy Easter in Exeter

For those who live in our city, or are visiting for the holiday, have a very Happy Easter in Exeter!   If you’ve never been to church, Easter is a great time to visit, with special services at the Cathedral. For those who only attend at Christmas and Easter, which holiday do you think is more important? This is a question, Gary and Mary Lee ask in their latest email newsletter. You may be surprised at the answer!

Make Easter in Exeter, or wherever you live, really special this year. If you live in Devon, we’d love to see you in the shop. For those who live further afield, or who just want to take advantage of online ordering, please see our Easter specials on our website. You can also order by phoning 01392 427171, or email sales@bridgebookshop.co.uk

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