Christmas Gifts in Exeter

Great ideas to find Christmas Gifts in Exeter

For anyone searching for Christmas gifts in Exeter, Bridge Books has a lot to offer. Not only do they have a superb selection of Christmas cards, to make any gift more meaningful, they also have some great Advent calendar options to create excitement as the big day approaches. This includes the popular Real Advent Calendar from the Meaningful Chocolate company.

Back to Christmas gifts in Exeter, it is at Bridge Books that you will find a range of inexpensive presents that keep on giving. For example, inspirational books and novels, DVD films and music CDs that can be enjoyed and passed on to encourage others. Plus, owners, Gary and Mary Lee are on hand to help you choose the appropriate gift for a particular person or age group.

Bridge Books offers some great Christmas gifts in Exeter

Bridge Books has a dedicated section for children as well as books for men and women. There is also a variety of Christmas books with some thought-provoking titles. For example, ‘Christmas Tradition Truth and Total Baubles! by Nick Page which is an account of the strange things we do at Christmas and why much of what we are told about them is wrong! And for kids, you can’t go wrong with ‘the First Christmas Activity Book’.

There is so much to choose from at Bridge Books, at really affordable prices, so you really need to have a good browse around, in store or online to find exactly what you are looking for… And as the year comes to an end, how about a stylish diary or 2022 calendar or diary?

For those who are looking for that special Christmas decoration, Bridge has a selection you will not find elsewhere. From Christmas baubles to various other decorations and ribbons.

There are so many types of Christmas Cards at Bridge Books including charity cards from the Leprosy Mission. Other gift ideas include a guest book for your home or photo frame for granny. Whatever present you are looking for you are sure to find many different options of Christmas gifts in Exeter, at this local bookshop.

There are mugs that clearly convey who much your loved one means to you, along with inspirational wall plaques, aprons and other decorative houseware.

Pop in and say hi to Gary and Mary Lee and get some great advice on the best gifts to buy for a particular person or shop online at And have a very happy and blessed Christmas!

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