Christian self-publishing can be tough, Bridge Books can help!

Christian self-publishing is becoming more and more popular these days as print on demand and access to diverse social media platforms enable Christian authors to have greater success. The problem is that this is all online and there is still nothing like having your book included on the shelves of a local bookstore where people can look at it, touch it feel it and flip through the pages.

Bridge Books doesn’t offer publishing services but can help local Christian authors on a sale and return basis. This means local authors can provide the bookshop with several copies of their book and they will pay you for each book that sells or return the books that don’t.

Major Christian publishers may place a copy of each new release in each bookshop across the country however with Christian self-publishing titles are usually restricted to online orders. So this is an attractive opportunity for local authors to share their writing more widely.

Bridge Books Christian self-publishing deal

Bookshops usually mark up their books by 40% in order to pay their operating costs however Bridge Books is currently offering a special rate of 35% off the cover price to help support local authors especially in this current economic climate. If you would like to participate, simply deliver 10 books to the shop and Gary and Mary Lee will seek to sell them over a period of four to six months. They will include them in a display of local authors in store as well as promote them online.

For authors with an established following, or for new releases Bridge Books may be able to arrange an in-store book signing. For book launches, they have previously hired a conference room in an adjoining building where the author has an opportunity to speak about the book and answer questions. This provides more space to have a larger crowd as well as to facilitate refreshments. See the pictures below which capture our book launch for Mother of Malawi, published by Lion Hudson. Gary and Mary Lee can do similar for authors who chose to go the Christian self-publishing route.

“We all want to see the Kingdom of God expand and books are one of the ways we can reach further. Everyone has different interests and your book will appeal to a particular reader. Let us help find those readers as we join together in the Great Commission,” says Gary Lee. “Please contact us at and we will help you in your Christian self-publishing venture.”

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