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Christian Books for Children – Help us support school libraries

Christian Books for children are needed more now than ever before and we are inviting all our faithful supporters to consider helping us in our Bridge Books Library Fund. We have a great range of Christian books for Children and we want to share them with young readers far and wide.

In this day and age children are struggling to hear the truth about Jesus, don’t you agree? However, it still seems that children love to read and many are ready to read stories about Jesus when presented to them. And you can continue to make this happen

Since May 2016 with the help of many like yourselves over 12000 books have been donated through Bridge Books to over 200 libraries, mostly in the Southwest, some abroad; libraries in hospitals and hospices, prisons, local libraries, even to two Commando Training Centres. Because of Covid at present all of these are reluctant to take further books. Hopefully later.

Visit our website to see our full range of Christian books for children

Requests for Christian Books for Children

However, the majority of requests for Christian books for children have come from primary and secondary schools. Many teachers would now like to receive a new supply of Christian books for their libraries for a new generation of children. Will you prayerful consider helping this happen?

Our aim is to provide a grant of £250 per school (approx 50 new titles). We have 30 schools who had their first grant over six years ago. Now would be a great time to restock their libraries and give this new generation the opportunity to read about the life and hopes that Jesus gives.

The titles that go into each library have been carefully chosen dependent on age, and include stories of Jesus, fact based and fiction and they are much needed now.

Would you prayerfully help in satisfying the need by donating towards the target of £7500 (£250x 30 schools). We have £1000 already put aside for the first batch of libraries. Whatever you can donate will go a long way towards the target of restocking the first 30 schools.

You can either send your donation via a bank transfer: Bridge Books Library Fund’.  08-92-50.   68545510. Or via your cheque to Bridge Books Library Fund, 3 Okehampton Steet, Exeter, EX4 1DW.

Or donations can be given in at the shop, clearly marked ‘Bridge Books Library Fund’. It is hoped we can get the libraries restocked with new Christian books for children in February.

Thanking you an advance for your prayerful consideration. Every continued blessing for this coming year,

Gary & Mary

Christian books for children
Visit our website to see our full range of Christian books for children

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