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Celebrating the stories of Christian footballers – ideal reading for sports fans

There are more and more Christian footballers in the UK today which is a significant witness to those who don’t yet know God but love sport. Bridge Books is pleased to be able to share the stories of some of these sportsmen which make ideal reading for all sports fans, whether they have a faith or not.

With the success of the England team in the Euros championship, there’s a whole new focus on football and what a great opportunity to share the Gospel with the right resource. At Bridge Books we currently have three fantastic football-themed Christian books: A Greater Glory by Gavin Peacock; Cross the Line by Ollie Baines and Liam Flint; and The Greatest Save Ever by Andrew Strachan.

Greater Glory from Pitch to Pulpit by Gavin Peacock

Premier league footballer turned pastor Gavin Peacock tells the story of his career and his faith in this fascinating, thought–provoking and personal read. Experience his highs and lows as he tells his story and explains the driving force behind it all – his love for football, his love for his family, and most importantly his love for God. “This book is a fantastic autobiography which really captures the nostalgia we feel for the beautiful game with a great insight into what it’s like for the players behind the spectacle.”

Cross the Line by Ollie Baines & Liam Flint – Christian footballers talk God, faith and the beautiful game.

Twenty high-profile Christian footballers share their faith and reveal how it influences their lives, both on and off the pitch. The book offers a range of information and insights into strictly football matters, while also exploring the way these players have crossed the line into a relationship with Jesus, and showing how God is actively at work in professional football today.

The Greatest Save Ever Paperback – Andrew Strachan

With football facts and Bible verses, this book for 8–12 year olds looks at the referee, the rules, and the greatest substitute, explaining the Gospel through football. Great for encouraging sporty kids in engaging with faith.

Order your copy today and we send out your order to wherever you live in the UK.

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