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Jeus in our schools

Jesus in our Schools

What can you do about it? Why do we need Jesus in our schools? Most had never read the Bible nor knew about Jesus. Recently 10 of us were on the streets of Exeter. We all talked to a good number of teens and older people asking questions and sharing about God. It was both …

Christmas Gifts in Exeter

Great ideas to find Christmas Gifts in Exeter

For anyone searching for Christmas gifts in Exeter, Bridge Books has a lot to offer. Not only do they have a superb selection of Christmas cards, to make any gift more meaningful, they also have some great Advent calendar options to create excitement as the big day approaches. This includes the popular Real Advent Calendar …

Christmas or Easter

Christmas or Easter, which is more important?

Gary and Mary Lee of Bridge Books share their take on which Christian holiday is more important, Christmas or Easter. Perhaps this is a question most asked by people who only go to church on special occasions! Some would say “Easter is the most important festival in Christianity, far more important than Christmas because it celebrates …