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Bridge Bookshop Exeter – Shining a light across Devon

Bridge Bookshop Exeter has served the Christian community in Devon for 13 faithful years. It was started in 2008 by John and Margaret Robertson who filled a much-needed gap in the city when previous Christian outreaches closed. In fact John and Margaret came out of retirement to do so, such was their resolve to serve believers across Devon with effective Christian resources. Four years later they were able to hand Bridge Books over to Gary and Mary Lee who have run the business for the past nine years.

Of course Bridge Bookshop Exeter is much more than a business, it is a ministry outreach, and having been missionaries in China, Gary and Mary Lee are committed to the ongoing mission of sharing the Gospel by whatever means possible. For Bridge Bookshop Exeter, this means providing a wide selection of Christian reading materials, Bibles, music, films and gifts. The entire team at Bridge see the importance of helping believers to buy the resources they need for their own spiritual growth as well as to foster spiritual growth in others.

From left to right, Gary Lee, Margaret Robertson, John Robertson and Mary Lee at the Bridge Books Exeter 10th Anniversary party in 2018.

Situated alongside Exe Bridges, the local Christian bookshop overlooks the river hence its name, but more significantly the shop is a bridge for unbelievers to find out more about the Christian faith as well as connecting Christians, encouraging them and helping them develop their walk with Jesus.

Bridge Bookshop Exeter celebrated it’s 10th Anniversary in 2018 and has since grown to have a fully-fledged online presence which now serves the whole of the UK. For those who live in Devon, there is nothing better than coming into the shop to browse around and see all that is on offer, however for those who prefer to shop online is a helpful service.

Hannah Dunnett at Bridge Bookshop Exeter

Whether you are looking for that meaningful Christian card or gift or a book to help friends explore the Christian faith, Bridge Bookshop Exeter is the ideal place to find what you are looking for. The bookshop also has a wide selection of greetings cards, from birthdays to weddings to thank you or bereavement cards Included in the most popular Christian cards are visual masterpieces from the Christian artist, Hannah Dunnett. She also has a range of calendars, posters and mugs bearing her trademark montage of scriptures with colourful illustrations.

For all this and more, visit Bridge Bookshop Exeter at 3 Okehampton St, Exeter EX4 1DW or online at Gary and Mary Lee will be delighted to serve you.

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